At the end of the day, the pretty photos of the cake, centerpieces, florals, or even pretty posed portraits of you & your fiancé isn’t what matters. It’s not the number of likes you get, how unique your wedding was and if it got featured on a wedding blog. What matters are the moments- your mom dancing wildly, your grandma’s smile as she holds your hand and looks up at you with joy, your normally reserved dad crying during your first dance, your best friend since preschool’s exuberance seeing you in your dress, and your fiance’s tears during the ceremony. Those are what matter-now, and 5 years from now, and 50 years from now, and 100 years from now when your grandchildren are looking at your wedding photos, wondering what you were like. Moments and photos are a way of holding onto the past, and memories of things that change so quickly. People change, friends drift away, grandparents pass away, but photos are a way of holding onto those memories forever.


When I was searching for my wedding venue, I looked long and hard for a venue that showcased the Arizona landscape, was outdoors but WASN’T a golf course. If you love nature and are looking for some unique outdoor Arizona wedding venues, check out this list for some ideas.

Don’t want a huge wedding but still want the wedding experience? You don’t have to go to the courthouse. You can get married anywhere in Arizona. Here are some great outdoor location ideas utilizing Arizona’s varied and stunning landscapes.


I consider my style to be a blend, as most people’s styles are. I focus on documentary, authentic and real photos rather than stiff posed photos that can feel fake often, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t “pose” you. All of my clients tell me that they aren’t photogenic- I’m not either! I give people actions to do during the “posed” parts of the wedding day- this gets your mind off being nervous about being in front of the camera and also brings out real emotion and your own individuality and documents your relationship in an authentic way.
I’ve been photographing weddings since roughly 2011, after shooting portraits for several years before that. I started out shooting as an assistant for other photographers, learning the ropes and the flow of the wedding day, where to be for the best shots, etc. I’ve worked with many different professional photographers including a very established photographer who had been shooting weddings for over 9 years. I’ve shot everything from simple backyard weddings to extravagant soirees of famous people- over 75 weddings since 2012.
Yes! All of my packages include the rights to print your photos. This is not a copyright release- otherwise I wouldn’t have the rights to edit the photos, or even download them off the memory cards! However you can print them as many times as you wish, as large as you wish for personal use.
Yes! I shoot all of the traditional aspects of the wedding day and highly encourage family portraits- the ones of you & your parents, immediate family, etc. Those are vitally important actually, because at my wedding, our family portratis were the last one of my family before my grandpa passed away the next year.
Engagement sessions are included in all but my bottom package and are complimentary! Engagement sessions really help you loosen up and get used to being in front of the camera without the stress of the wedding day. If you or your fiance are nervous/not thrilled about being in front of the camera, or are camera shy or awkward, an engagement session is a really great way to get comfortable, see how I work and get your confidence up! View my blog post here on why it’s a really good idea to have your engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer.

We chose Alyssa because her pictures come out looking natural, both in feel and light, and we were not disappointed. Our photos are incredible, I only wish we had more time to take even more! What’s even better than the quality is that Alyssa and her second shooter were an incredibly calming, go with the flow presence on the big day, which makes a big difference when you have a huge crazy family and everyone is running around every which way. Even my father commented on what a calm person she is (he was also struck at how she can command a group despite the fact that she’s tiny!). Throughout the whole process she was VERY responsive and easy to work with. TBH, Alyssa could charge a lot more than she does, so snap her up before she goes big time.

Hadas & Chris

You saved the wedding for us and we truly appreciate you for it. Your cool presence helped us calm down and enjoy everything!

Ross & Kirsten

My biggest fear was being comfortable with a photographer. Instead, Alyssa made us feel completely at ease & made it easy to be ourselves. it was a true gift to feel 100% comfortable with our picture being taken!

Crystal & Wendi

Alyssa is an absolutely lovely person to work with! We found her online and immediately loved her work. We met once in person and instantly knew we wanted to have her be our photographer. We originally were only looking for a photographer for engagement photos. She did such an amazing job capturing us, being us. She was also very flexible with where we wanted to do pictures and adventured with us up north. We planned an impromptu elopement and wanted Alyssa there to capture the moment with us. Once again we are absolutely amazed and very pleased with our wedding photos. I would highly recommend her services. She has a true love for photography and it shows. She’s very personable and we know we will use her for anniversary photos! Thank you so much Alyssa!

Leonor & Katryna


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